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changing keyboard layout after booting live cd beta

Zaczęty przez aus9, Styczeń 26, 2012, 11:04:15 AM

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According to this link


When I boot up the live cd, I should be able to change my kb layout using of of 2 types


dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=input --action=change


dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
invoke-rc.d hal restart

Now so far, I know hal is there so I also tried a repeat of those commands but turned off hal with

/etc/init.d/hal stop

No luck ......but on a hard drive install of debian sid.....my current distro the first set of commands works.....and I was able to convert from my qwerty layout to qwertz.

2) I may have to research this more.

The default kb layout is set by


and that is currently using GB while I need it to use US.

a) My initial attempt to be smart was to notice that my locale setting was en_GB so I changed it to en_AU ....update the locale and then re-attempt the kb layout changes

but so far not a success.

My intention is to get kb layout to work and then maybe add a script to rc.local and try a remaster to allow users to set their own kb layout.


research this link to see what is setting my /etc/default/keyboard in Sparky


No need to reply .   



Boot up Sparky after a googe search.

on my hard drive command

setxkbmap -query  (exists) and outputs the current strings held in /etc/default/keyboard

but PARTIAL success with command from root terminal ....with sparky is


setxkboard -layout us

where I already knew my current layout was gb

Its not FULL success because peeking into /etc/default/keyboard shows no change.

ok so for any random user we need to run

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

to see the layout string

then run with root powers

setxkboard -layout  <country string>

Further tests where you need to use options for users would use command

setxkboard -layout  <country string>  -option <option string>

more details can be found by running

setxkbmap -help

Alternative to running keyboard-configuration is to use file manager?

Maybe /var/lib/dpkg/info/keyboard-configuration.config

hmm this looks like a remaster of a Debian live cd as I can see scripts in

/lib/live/config for login types slim, nodm etc

so I have not resolved this kb layout issue but its partially resolved.

to find good solution for all users might need feedback?


/usr/share/doc/keyboard-configuration has the same commands as the first 2 in my top post.

and Sparky commands still fails to properly change kb layout.

This appears to be an error in the original distro from which this was remastered.

This is my personal opinion.

So I will not attempt to remaster but leave the posts here for anyone to work on if they have time.

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