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Feedback to Beta live cd

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I am Australian so speak English  with lots of idioms.

FEEDBACK to beta live cd.


Most things work for first menu option.

Minor Issues

1) No option to choose keyboard layout at boot.

Some other live cds may  offer this option.

2)  Thunar is slow to load relative to other software loading.

Possible solution is install PcManFm or xfe.

Good to see terminal file manager MC is installed.

3) No option to choose local  time at boot up. It seems to select UTC.

4) Boot up login manager appears to be gdm.

Suggest you move to "nodm"

4)  On my system, Gnome Alsa mixer has speaker muted

Suggest you also install alsa-utils to offer terminal based alsamixer command.

5) No sounds in /usr/share/sounds

This is an observation only. I suspect it was done to keep iso download small.

6) Some Mime types not set.

To open various media files I had to set the right software.

But Gnome mplayer already installed so this could have been avoided.

a) Test of wav,mpg good.

Test of mp4 not good. Likely to be due to Debian restrictions on codecs.

b) Test of animated GIF works in Iceweasel

c)  Unable to find a pdf reader such as epdfview

d) Unable to find powerpoint reader.

Likely to need pptview and wine which would be too big for download?

e) youtube not tested as I would install chromium-browser.

7) Synaptic fails to open from menu or from bottom shelf icon.

Possible solution.....change command to read

gksu /usr/bin/synaptic

These are my first observations and not meant to sound too critical.

good luck

started new thread on this one

Hi aus9

Many thanks for your suggestions. I will have a look and try all of them.

Don't translate to Polish, it's more difficult to understand than English.

We can translate English to Polish - it'll be better.



deleted text


There is no need to try them all.....they are just feedback.

I know that. Just making Sparky I had a different point of view than you. Your suggestions can be helpful.


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