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FFmpeg 6.0

Zaczęty przez linux4ever, Sierpień 02, 2023, 09:28:16 AM

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CytatA new major release, FFmpeg 6.0 "Von Neumann", is now available for download. This release has many new encoders and decoders, filters, ffmpeg CLI tool improvements, and also, changes the way releases are done. All major releases will now bump the version of the ABI. We plan to have a new major release each year. Another release-specific change is that deprecated APIs will be removed after 3 releases, upon the next major bump. This means that releases will be done more often and will be more organized.

New decoders featured are Bonk, RKA, Radiance, SC-4, APAC, VQC, WavArc and a few ADPCM formats. QSV and NVenc now support AV1 encoding. The FFmpeg CLI (we usually reffer to it as ffmpeg.c to avoid confusion) has speed-up improvements due to threading, as well as statistics options, and the ability to pass option values for filters from a file. There are quite a few new audio and video filters, such as adrc, showcwt, backgroundkey and ssim360, with a few hardware ones too. Finally, the release features many behind-the-scenes changes, including a new FFT and MDCT implementation used in codecs (expect a blog post about this soon), numerous bugfixes, better ICC profile handling and colorspace signalling improvement, introduction of a number of RISC-V vector and scalar assembly optimized routines, and a few new improved APIs, which can be viewed in the doc/APIchanges file in our tree. A few submitted features, such as the Vulkan improvements and more FFT optimizations will be in the next minor release, 6.1, which we plan to release soon, in line with our new release schedule. Some highlights are:

    Radiance HDR image support
    ddagrab (Desktop Duplication) video capture filter
    ffmpeg -shortest_buf_duration option
    ffmpeg now requires threading to be built
    ffmpeg now runs every muxer in a separate thread
    Add new mode to cropdetect filter to detect crop-area based on motion vectors and edges
    VAAPI decoding and encoding for 10/12bit 422, 10/12bit 444 HEVC and VP9
    WBMP (Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap) image format
    a3dscope filter
    bonk decoder and demuxer
    Micronas SC-4 audio decoder
    LAF demuxer
    APAC decoder and demuxer
    Media 100i decoders
    DTS to PTS reorder bsf
    ViewQuest VQC decoder
    backgroundkey filter
    nvenc AV1 encoding support
    MediaCodec decoder via NDKMediaCodec
    MediaCodec encoder
    oneVPL support for QSV
    QSV AV1 encoder
    QSV decoding and encoding for 10/12bit 422, 10/12bit 444 HEVC and VP9
    showcwt multimedia filter
    corr video filter
    adrc audio filter
    afdelaysrc audio filter
    WADY DPCM decoder and demuxer
    CBD2 DPCM decoder
    ssim360 video filter
    ffmpeg CLI new options: -stats_enc_pre[_fmt], -stats_enc_post[_fmt], -stats_mux_pre[_fmt]
    hstack_vaapi, vstack_vaapi and xstack_vaapi filters
    XMD ADPCM decoder and demuxer
    media100 to mjpegb bsf
    ffmpeg CLI new option: -fix_sub_duration_heartbeat
    WavArc decoder and demuxer
    CrystalHD decoders deprecated
    SDNS demuxer
    RKA decoder and demuxer
    filtergraph syntax in ffmpeg CLI now supports passing file contents as option values
    hstack_qsv, vstack_qsv and xstack_qsv filters

We strongly recommend users, distributors, and system integrators to upgrade unless they use current git master.

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