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I stumbled on Sparky by pure chance, my main comps had to go for repairs and had no choice but to start using my old Acer AspireOne (the original one that came out with 8GB HD and the Chinese version of linux "Linpus")

Yes I have various linux installed on my portable HD's but took a peek at distrowatch and Voila saw the Sparky up top from Poland. Having some Polish blood in my veins out of patriotic duty I jumped on the idea to get it.

Sadly Sparky supports x86 & x64 architecture only.

So my proposition is to start supporting others (like micros) .

There is a huge trend running Linux on Android. It is nothing new (having linux on pda) a decade old concept.

With the booming tablet/smartphone industry it would be a huge mistake not take this under consideration for future releases.


I do understand Polish but have bad experience from the past of people making fun at my expense.


I don't think I will have time to do new release.

I'm still working with MATE edition, then I have to upgrade main e17/lxde edition as well.

There is one more propos to make Sparky for ARM/Rasperry Pi.

If you'd like to do Sparky for Android I can help you little bit.

For sure I can't do that myself for the next 6 months, too much work to do, sorry.




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